"SOHO" Logo is the English small office home office the first letter of the spelling, is in the home office, small office mean. SOHO is the people's freedom of a professional title, but also a representative of freedom, flexibility and new methods of work. Select PC = choose the cause of self-help fashion the most fashionable SOHO .

SOHO Logo is the Internet's fundamental. Some excellent web design SOHO people almost have their own personal website; updated every day at home pages, such SOHO family is the main content. These outstanding personal website growing IT company's concern, therefore, personal Web site with the company or its acquisition of the news in the IT industry emerged one after another, these SOHO family again started a new career. Many people also use their skills started a web-based information and advisory services to attempt to become the information services industry door SOHO group. The most common SOHO professional music creation is also available, product marketing, graphic design, advertising, fashion design, business agents, to do futures, Chao Gupiao, and so on. SOHO group that the work of freedom and romantic way to attract more and more young people join the ranks of the sky in this, their talents are fully expose.

SOHO logo with the traditional white-collar workers may be the biggest difference is that in any location, free time, the income level of their own to decide. It is precisely because it is also free, so it extremely challenging. SOHO is particularly suitable for some information on the manufacture, processing, dissemination of such work, such as editors and reporters, freelance writer, software design, web design, art, music and art workers, financial workers, advertising and consulting Because most of their work or major work entirely at home independently or through the Internet and others to work together to complete.

SOHO logo for the people's quality requirements will be higher. The most important thing is akrasia, which means you can manage a good grasp of time on your own. Second, because SOHO is not after a fixed monthly salary, you will change the revenue structure, how to manage your wallet is a must seriously deal with the problem.

In fact, on the one hand, the international community to increase the number of people showing a trend of office automation, and the popularity of the Internet division of the thinning will lead to the large number of SOHO appear on the other hand, SOHO groups exist, The objective is also easing the pressure on employment reality of this increasingly important social issues, and how this community into a sense of social division of labor, and from the status of legislation, taxation and the protection of such areas to be confirmed, norms and protection, The agencies are facing the reality of the immediate problem.

SOHO people's way of life and traditional way of life are very different. They Miandiao from work because of traffic on the support and a waste of time, they stay away from the office of personnel disputes, they are engaged in their own favorite work, some even made their own boss. They are the contemporary era of Xinxinrenlei. SOHO family and office workers is the biggest difference between work and life no longer clear division, office and home into one.

SOHO group in accordance with the working methods can be broadly classified into four types:

1-10 SOHO entrepreneurs who own small companies, or operating a small store, or join a chain system. Although such large-scale SOHO, employees may not meet every day, but through the Internet to maintain a highly efficient link in the operation and management on a lot of flexibility. Large companies in the field can not be taken into account, such as individual companies to provide suitable goods and services, will often be successful.

Self-employed individuals or SOHO work at home studios, one who is also the boss and the waiter, for example, for workers, artists, consultants, brokerage, insurance and other employees, they are freedom-loving, creative work.

Jiancha SOHO use of working hours at home Jiancha office workers, it can open up financial resources, have basic protection, a conservative-over to the start-up phase of choice.

SOHO-service work at home office workers. That is, at home using modern communications technology companies connect with their work e-commuters, the so-called science and technology like to work with the coolest way. They and other SOHO the difference is that they have a fixed work unit, is only part-time work at home, at work and in the course of the Company and to keep contact in order to coordinate the work.

No matter what kind of SOHO, the work of this trendy way has become a world trend. In the United States currently has 1 / 5 of the staff SOHO group, and an annual growth rate of 5% of. Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong also encourage individuals SOHO-founder of the company. "Asahi network" on the homepage more additional SOHO columns, SOHO successfully introduced the forces and SOHO peer-to provide a venue to exchange information, how to provide for SOHO's Guide. SOHO no special restrictions, nor is it refers specifically to the computer industry, who work from home, small business, personal studios, such as freedom of workers outside the traditional office work, can be called SOHO group. From professionals to Shijingxiaomin, since there may be a flat, self-reliance. Of course, not all of them suitable for SOHO family, detached from the Organization of Biyin Zilimenhu, will encounter unexpected difficulties and challenges, must have a strong character and can be based on the expertise of the community can do alone Work hard but , Yongchuang the world.

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